July, 1998: Small Soldiers

What could be more nostalgic for a 90s kid than the eponymous Small Soldiers— a pacifist group of nature loving Gorgonites and a ruthless bunch of killing machines named the Cammando Elite? While not truly great, this movie does do quite a bit to an acceptable standard and is highly watchable.


When the Heartland Toy Company is bought out by military conglomerate Globotech, two nervous toy designers pitch their rivaling ideas for two toy lines to a disinterested big-wig. The nature-loving, peaceful Gorgonites are set up as the enemy for the Commando Elite, a ragtag group of mercenaries whose sole purpose is to destroy the aforementioned Gorgonites.

One of the toy designers believes that, to set these toys apart from others, he must equip them with military-grade microchips that enhance the learning of whatever they’re installed in. Unfortunately, this has adverse effects and makes the toys living, conscious beings that attempt to fulfill their purpose. For the Gorgonites, that means finding the mystical land of Gorgon and, for the Commando Elite that means stopping, and killing, the Gorgonites.

Along the way, a young boy working at the toy store befriends the Gorgonites and vows to protect them at any cost. To do this, he puts himself and his family at risk when the Commando Elite show that they will stop at nothing to complete their mission.

This movie is PG-13, and for good reason. There’s a lot of real violence and harm that the Commando Elite inflict upon the innocent, human, bystanders. For a young child, this could definitely be confusing. Otherwise, for a 10+ year old boy, this is quite the adventure– it definitely was for me.

Small Soldiers has some memorable characters, a solid script that lives within its own limitations, and a few great performances from some of the most notable actors and actresses from the 90s.

Matt: Watch it once
Gabe: Watch it once




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